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Connecting values

Bei Crafthunt glauben wir daran, dass Bauleiter die treibende Kraft hinter erfolgreichen Bauprojekten sind. Deshalb bieten wir eine Plattform, die speziell auf Deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist:

We solve problems from the user`s perspective and measure impact

We improve the work lives of our users. We understand their pain points and offer suitable solutions. We measure their impact, so that positive change is visible.

We are driven by excellence

For our team, excellence is the master key. Always. We provide our customers valuable relevant information in a format that is easy to consume. Our content is tailored to specific needs and delivered consistently in a timely manner.

We are positive by default

„We always wear the YES hat“. Everybody in our team has a can-do attitude where failure is not an option. We approach challenges with a mindset of optimism and focus on finding solutions.

We win as a team

We celebrate successes together and support each other respectful and with empathy through challenges. To achieve our shared goals we prioritize collaboration, trust and communication. Open communication and teamwork drives us to success.

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Advice and information from practical experience

These articles will help you get ahead in your career in the construction industry.

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Gehalt für Bauleiter in Deutschland

Bauleiter sind für die Koordination von Bauprojekten verantwortlich. Sie überwachen den Baufortschritt, stellen sicher, dass alle Arbeiten ordnungsgemäß ausgeführt werden, und sind dafür verantwortlich, dass das Projekt im Budget bleibt und termingerecht abgeschlossen wird. Aber wie viel verdienen Bauleiter in Deutschland?

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Salary Guide

Which VOB paragraphs are particularly important for construction site supervisors?

As a construction supervisor, you bear a great responsibility on the construction site. You are responsible for ensuring that the construction services provided by the contractor are carried out properly and that the building complies with regulations. To successfully fulfill these tasks, it is important to be familiar with and understand the relevant sections of the award and contract regulations for construction services (VOB). This article will inform you about the VOB sections that are particularly important for construction supervisors and their significance.

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Weltweites Bauen

Construction Supervisor Quotes: Humor and Wisdom for the Building Site

Bauleiter sayings are funny, humorous, and sometimes even wise statements used by professionals in the construction industry. They can address a variety of everyday topics in the construction field and are often known outside of construction as well. In this article, we present various Bauleiter sayings and explain why they are important, what significance they hold, and how they can be utilized. This way, you won't come across as a newcomer - even if you are one. ;)

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