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BWP Baumanagement GmbH

Rosa-Bavarese-Straße 15, Munich, Germany

Project Manager Project manager Construction Manager

About us

BWP does construction management out of passion. We work proactively, creatively, and personally. Our focus is the construction site - our goal is the success of the overall project. BWP Baumanagement has always been and continues to be owner-managed and independent. Our clients are public and private clients and contractors. For many years, we have been offering them expertise and experience in the execution of complex and demanding construction projects. Our primary goal is the sustainable satisfaction of our clients and the long-term durability of their buildings. The service portfolio of BWP Baumanagement ranges from traditional construction management (tendering, awarding, supervision) to technical project management and client consulting.

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Key data

27 employees
20 km
Average distance to construction projects in km
7 projects
Active Construction Projects
85 projects
Completed Construction Projects
34 years
Employee Average Age

Our projects

  • Freiham WA 16
    New construction with 227 apartments, men's living, daycare center, and underground parking (25,0... more
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  • Munich Clinic Bogenhausen
    Expansion building over 7 levels with a helicopter landing pad (12,000 m²) Partial renovation of... more
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    Commercial Constructions Major Construction Site
  • Campus Martinsried Cafeteria
    Message building with large kitchen, daycare center, and administration (4,500 m²)
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    Commercial Constructions
  • Freiham WA 1
    Residential complex with 6 buildings, 148 residential units, commercial space, underground parkin... more
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  • Marienplatz Subway Station
    Renovation of the mezzanine floor including the exits and the utility rooms UG 2-4.
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    Major Construction Site
  • HQ Refratechnik Holding
    Office building with underground parking and cultural use (4,000 m²)
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    Commercial Constructions

Our equipment, machines and tools

  • Software for construction site management

    Capmo - Software für Bauleiter

  • Software for Calculation

    RIB - Software für AVA

  • Software for plan management

    Nemetschek - Software für die Planung

  • BIM and CAD Software

    Autodesk - Software für die Planung

    Revit und AutoCad
  • SmapOne Software for Implementing Your Own Apps

    SmapOne - Software zur Digitalisierung


Employee benefits

Family business

Be a supportive and close working environment. The boss is always available and coordinates with you at eye level.

Wide range of tasks

Work in the different areas of our company. This is the opportunity to learn about new topics that interest you.

Bike leasing for employees

The company can provide you with an (e)-bike with the help of a salary conversion. So you and your family stay mobile without additional monthly burdens.

Annual Celebrations

You can also spend time with your colleagues outside of work. We want everyone to feel part of the team here.

Bonus Scheme

Achieve and be rewarded! Our bonus scheme recognizes your hard work and success. It's designed to incentivize outstanding performance, offering financial rewards that reflect your valuable contributions to the team

Involvement in innovation

Your opinion will be taken into account in the acquisition of new construction machinery, tools and site solutions. Changes in the company are presented and your personal opinion is desired.


Several languages are spoken, so you also have a part of your home country at work. Meet new colleagues from other countries with whom you can make new friends.

Continuous education

We offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. Become certified in your desired areas.

Public works

Longer terms and structured contact with the clients. Execution according to the best safety regulations.

Specialized task area

Become even better in your special field! We give you tasks in your area so that you can gather even more professional knowledge.

Private construction projects

Pleasant direct customer contact in a wide range of tasks. You work with different construction projects and always learn something new.

Corporate Travel

We want to create memories that will last a lifetime. You get to know your colleagues better. Your contribution helps determine which destination we head for.