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Our mission: globally enabling better working conditions and breaking language barriers with AI-supported innovative and modern tools.

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Welcome in numbers

We value numbers at Crafthunt because they help us measure our impact, track progress and make data-driven decisions


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Connecting our vision to people

Our vision and your intrinsic aim/purpose: making Crafthunt to the leading platform for construction professionals world-wide! This is the motivation that unites all Crafthunters. With passion, heart and soul.

about us
about us
about us

Connecting values

We solve problems from the user`s perspective and measure impact

We improve the work lives of our users. We understand their pain points and offer suitable solutions. We measure their impact, so that positive change is visible.

We are driven by excellence

For our team, excellence is the master key. Always. We provide our customers valuable relevant information in a format that is easy to consume. Our content is tailored to specific needs and delivered consistently in a timely manner.

We are positive by default

„We always wear the YES hat“. Everybody in our team has a can-do attitude where failure is not an option. We approach challenges with a mindset of optimism and focus on finding solutions.

We win as a team

We celebrate successes together and support each other respectful and with empathy through challenges. To achieve our shared goals we prioritize collaboration, trust and communication. Open communication and teamwork drives us to success.

We are street smart, pragmatic and hands-on

We have a practical approach to problem-solving and the whole team is resourceful in finding solutions. Experience and creativity are highly appreciated. However, we also need to be brave as calculated risks sometimes are necessary to be successful.

We give and take responsability and constructive feedback

We trust each other to do our best work and take ownership of our tasks to drive success. As a team we value cooperation, continuous improvement and support each other in achieving our goals. We give and receive constructive criticism to help each other succeed. Every team member is accountable for his/her actions and decisions.

Connecting to our team

We are a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.

  • Jonas Stamm

    Jonas Stamm

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Dr. Anna Hocker

    Dr. Anna Hocker

    COO & Co-founder

  • Dr.-Ing. Patrick Christ

    Dr.-Ing. Patrick Christ

    CSO & Co-founder

  • Emil Kirchheiner

    Emil Kirchheiner

    CPO & Co-founder

  • Themi Tsiotas von Pfaler

    Themi Tsiotas von Pfaler

    CTO & Co-founder