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How companies can find, hire, and retain construction site managers in Munich.

Kathrin Ivens
Kathrin Ivens
Published on 11th Jul 20235 min read

In the construction industry, construction supervisors are indispensable professionals who are responsible for the smooth execution of construction projects. As qualified construction supervisors are highly sought after in Munich, it can be a challenge for companies to find, hire, and retain suitable candidates in the long term. In this article, we will show you how you can find, hire, and retain construction supervisors in Munich.

Finding Site Managers

The search for site managers can be done through various internet platforms. In addition to general job portals, there are also specialized platforms for the construction industry, such as Crafthunt.app. Here you can specifically search for site managers who are working in Munich and are interested in jobs as site managers.

Using Crafthunt.app

Crafthunt.app is a platform specifically developed for the construction industry. Here, companies and construction professionals, such as site managers, can connect. You can search for site managers on Crafthunt.app and view their profiles. The platform also provides a list of site managers who are working in Munich and are looking for new challenges.

Participating in Industry Events

Trade fairs, conferences, and networking events provide a good opportunity to network with site managers and other industry professionals. Here, you can learn about current trends and developments and at the same time, meet potential candidates for your company.

Recommendations and Networks

Utilize your existing network and ask for recommendations for qualified site managers. Your employees, business partners, and friends in the construction industry may be able to provide valuable contacts.

Advertising at Universities

Especially with the Technical University in Munich, you have the best conditions to meet young talented individuals. Specifically search for working students who are interested in a future career in site management. This way, you can get to know each other and see if you want to work together in the long term.

Hiring Site Managers

Requirements and Qualifications

First, define the requirements and qualifications that you expect from a site manager. This includes, for example, a completed education in the construction industry, several years of professional experience, knowledge in site management, leadership skills, and organizational skills. A detailed job description will help you identify suitable candidates.

The Job Interview

Invite potential site managers for a personal job interview. Here, you can better assess the candidates' professional and personal qualifications and find out if they are a good fit for your company. Ask questions about their tasks as site managers and their experience in the industry.

Contractual Agreements

An important aspect when hiring site managers is the contractual agreements. Make sure that the employment contract covers all important points, such as salary, working hours, vacation entitlement, and notice periods. Here you can find more information regarding the salary of site managers in Bavaria as a reference.

Retaining Site Managers

Promoting Further Education

Site managers appreciate the opportunity for continuous further education. Therefore, offer your site managers regular opportunities for further education, whether through internal training or by participating in external seminars and courses.

Adequate Compensation

Adequate and performance-based compensation is an important factor in retaining site managers in the long term. Inform yourself about the usual salaries for site managers in Munich and adjust the salary of your site managers accordingly.

Good Working Atmosphere

A good working atmosphere significantly contributes to the satisfaction of your site managers. Pay attention to a good working environment and promote team cohesion through joint activities and open communication. This is especially important when hiring additional employees. Involve your current team. This shows appreciation and the opinions of your employees will help you avoid making a wrong choice.

Support and Recognition

Site managers want to be appreciated and recognized for their work. Show your team that you value their performance by giving them regular feedback and acknowledging their successes.


To find, hire, and retain site managers in Munich, it is important to search for qualified candidates, offer an appealing work environment, and appropriately reward the performance of site managers. Use platforms like Crafthunt.app to find suitable site managers and to build long-term relationships with them.


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