Weißert GmbH - Heizung | Sanitär | Klima

Rosengartenstraße 14, Schorndorf, Germany

Plumber for sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology

About us

Our company was founded in 2020 and has since grown from a one-man operation to a company with several young employees. As a result, you can expect a casual but respectful tone. We work in the fields of heating, plumbing, and air conditioning in the Rems-Murr district and beyond. Customer satisfaction and professional work are very important to us in our daily work, but of course, we also always have an open ear for our employees and try our best to accommodate all their wishes and suggestions. Despite our young age as a company, thanks to our collaborations, we have established, digitized, and secure structures, as well as a diverse range of activities that are, of course, influenced by the current developments of environmentally friendly energies. We are excited to offer you an appealing, personal, and enriching work environment and to continue growing together with you.

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Key data

25 years
Employee Average Age
4 employees
1-7 days
Average project time
70 projects
Active Construction Projects
20 km
Average distance to construction projects in km
580 projects
Completed Construction Projects
Annual construction volume in €

Our projects

  • Bathroom renovation
    Bathroom renovation with new shower and bathtub, fixtures & wall cladding.
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    Rehabilitation & Demolition
    12th Jul 2022 - 16th Jul 2022
  • new bathroom furniture
    Installation of new bathroom furniture & radiators and installation of fittings
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    Rehabilitation & Demolition
    11th Aug 2022 - 12th Aug 2022
  • new gas-solar hybrid heating
    new gas-solar hybrid heating system for single-family house
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    Rehabilitation & Demolition
    14th Nov 2022 - 15th Nov 2022
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance of oil, gas, and pellet heaters, solar systems, heat pumps, air conditioning units, a... more
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    Service Work
    1st Aug 2022 - 31st Dec 2022

Our equipment, machines and tools

  • Mercedes Vito Firmenwagen

    Mercedes-Benz - Vito PRO 110 CDI lang

    over 3 years ago
  • Mercedes Vito Firmenwagen

    Mercedes-Benz - Vito PRO 110 CDI lang

    over 2 years ago

Employee benefits

Annual Celebrations

You can also spend time with your colleagues outside of work. We want everyone to feel part of the team here.

Wide range of tasks

Work in the different areas of our company. This is the opportunity to learn about new topics that interest you.

Family business

Be a supportive and close working environment. The boss is always available and coordinates with you at eye level.

4 day working week

Work is done according to the 4-day week. The company either works ahead and you have only 4 days of work every 2 weeks or it is permanently worked 4 days a week.

Involvement in innovation

Your opinion will be taken into account in the acquisition of new construction machinery, tools and site solutions. Changes in the company are presented and your personal opinion is desired.

Private construction projects

Pleasant direct customer contact in a wide range of tasks. You work with different construction projects and always learn something new.

Digital tool to boost your experience

The app makes it easier for you as a worker to get the training you want. The administrative work is automatically added to your Crafthunt profile.

Preparation of your tax benefits

You have more money available after taxes. You don't have to worry about anything else, we take out all the obstacles to create tax savings for you.