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Stahlbau Heil GmbH & Co. KG

Am Mittelkai 12-14, Stuttgart, Germany

Fitter Locksmith Welder Warehouse manager Metal construction, steel construction, locksmith work, crane technology industrial cranes, transport technology Metal worker specializing in construction technology

Since its foundation in 1981, our owner-managed company has developed into one of the leading steel and metal construction companies in the Stuttgart area. Our product spectrum ranges from classic steel and metal construction to industrial crane systems and industrial service to special solutions for transport racks in small-scale installation. We employ over 100 people in the areas of manufacturing and assembly. For more than thirty years, Stahlbau Heil has stood for competence and reliability: We not only attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers, but also want to be a reliable employer for our employees. We know that high quality is only possible through the skills of our employees. Respectful interaction and teamwork are therefore very important to us. As with our customers, we also strive for long-term relationships with our employees that are based on mutual trust. Join our team and shape your future together with us, we are looking forward to your application.


  • Manufacturing and assembly crane runway girders

    A crane runway made of HEA 340 and Fl 50X30 (crane rail) was manufactured and assembled for a custom...

  • Rehabilitation of a district heating power plant

    In a district heating power plant, floor reinforcements were welded on and a new bulb plate floor wa...

  • Series production load carrier

    Suspension transport racks were manufactured and painted for a customer according to predefined requ...

  • Apprenticeship projects

    During their training, our trainees are allowed to work on projects together. They receive an order ...

  • Load carriers, transport technology

    We regularly modify, repair and rebuild load carriers for our customers. The racks are stored with u...

  • Connecting bridge between two production halls

    In a factory, two production halls were connected with a connecting walkway. The assembly was carrie...

  • Die Peddimax kann Lochdurchmesser 39mm in 24mm starkes Material und Lochdurchmesser 90mm in 10mm dickes Material. Profile schafft sie bis 12mm und Flachstal bi 20mm Dicke.

    Peddinghaus - Peddimax No. 1

    Loch- und Profilstanze
  • Gabelstapler mit Dieselantrieb, Tragfähigkeit: 3.000 Kg.

    Linde - H30D-02

    about 8 years ago
  • Gabelstapler m. Elektroantrieb, Tragfähigkeit: 3.000 Kg

    Hyster - 3.0

    about 1 year ago
  • Moderner Fuhrpark

    Mercedes Benz - Sprinter, Citan, Atego

    Transporter und LKW
  • Mit dem Kopfbolzenschweißgerät schweißen wir Kopfbolzen von 12mm bis 19mm Durchmesser

    BTH-TECH - PRO D 2200

  • In der Fertigung unterstützen uns 5 Brückenkrane mit einer Tragfähigkeit von 5.000-10.000Kg

    DEMAG, KoneCranes, Stahl, Mohr - 5T, 10T

  • Unser Museum: Günter und Gustav - unsere ältesten "Mitarbeiter" sind immer noch im Dienst und bei unseren Mitarbeitern hoch geschätzt. Gustav ist eine Profil- und Lochstanze der Marke Edel und Günter ist eine Richtpresse für Flach- und Profilstahl der Firma Kunkel.

    Edel, Kunkel - VM 80/350, P32

    Stanz- und Biegemaschine
  • Mit unserer Plasma Brennschneidanlage schneiden und bohren wir Bleche bis 200mm Dicke .

    Microstep - MG6001.15PrkGB+C

    Plasma Brennschneidanlage
  • Vollhydraulische Bandsäge mit automatischem Material-Nachschubgreifer. Maximale Arbeitsbreite 350-400mm (je nach Schnittwinkel)

    Kaltenbach - KBS 400 DG


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