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Gerüstbau Schmiederer GmbH

Hitzgutstraße, Appenweier, Germany

Construction Manager Column Leader Scaffolding Assistant Truck Driver Warehouse Worker

About us

* Location: Appenweier, Germany, * Founded: 1983, * Employees: 45+, Welcome to Gerüstbau Schmiederer GmbH! We are an established, family-run business with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. In our region, we have made a name for ourselves as a reliable and flexible partner. With more than 45 dedicated and experienced employees, we are committed to realizing construction projects of any size - whether it's large-scale projects, multi-family houses, single-family houses, special constructions, partial scaffolding or scaffolding for PV systems. Our goal is to always achieve the best results while maintaining the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and customer satisfaction. But what really sets us apart is our team. We value the contribution of each individual and are always looking for new talents who share our passion for scaffolding. Whether you're just starting out in the industry or are already an experienced professional - at Gerüstbau Schmiederer GmbH, you're always welcome! Want to be part of our team? Wonderful! Apply now and discover the diverse opportunities and chances at Gerüstbau Schmiederer GmbH. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Key data

30 years
Employee Average Age
45 employees
13,000 projects
Completed Construction Projects
200 projects
Active Construction Projects

Our projects

  • Area and Space Scaffold
    These pictures show a surface and space scaffold, which we were allowed to set up in the model ho... more
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  • Special Construction in Rulantica
    We are proud to have been part of this major project. While we can marvel at the fabulous final r... more
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  • Special construction in the harbor
    Projects that lead us to the Kehler harbor are always exciting - here for a floating crane on the... more
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  • Work and Protective Scaffolding
    Here we had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a residential complex. While a large... more
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  • Assembly Tent
    Here we see a freestanding assembly tent for the final assembly in a substation in Kehl.
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Our equipment, machines and tools

  • Work clothes in blue-red from the company Engelbert Strauss

    Engelbert Strauß - verschiedene

  • Forklift from the company Linde

    Linde - verschiedene

  • Frame scaffold is its own scaffold system.

    Glatz 800 - verschiedene

  • Modulgerüst Layher Allround

    Layher - verschiedene

    Layher Allround
  • Truck from the company MAN/Mercedes

    MAN/ Mercedes - verschiedene


Employee benefits

Public works

Longer terms and structured contact with the clients. Execution according to the best safety regulations.

Private construction projects

Pleasant direct customer contact in a wide range of tasks. You work with different construction projects and always learn something new.

Specialized task area

Become even better in your special field! We give you tasks in your area so that you can gather even more professional knowledge.

Wide range of tasks

Work in the different areas of our company. This is the opportunity to learn about new topics that interest you.

Annual Celebrations

You can also spend time with your colleagues outside of work. We want everyone to feel part of the team here.

Family business

Be a supportive and close working environment. The boss is always available and coordinates with you at eye level.

Continuous education

We offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. Become certified in your desired areas.

Health care

The company offers services such as massage, fitness memberships and/or other health services. You should get good things from your professional and private life even after several years of hard work.

Work visa support

The company does not leave you alone with the processing of all papers that are required for working in the country. Everything around work visa, registration with the authorities is taken over by the company.


Several languages are spoken, so you also have a part of your home country at work. Meet new colleagues from other countries with whom you can make new friends.

Christmas Bonus

Spread holiday cheer with our Christmas bonus, a special reward for your hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Paid Vacation

Enjoy well-deserved relaxation with our paid vacation policy, once a year you get an additional payment for a relaxed holiday.