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Erich Greve GmbH & Co. KG

Kappelner Straße 15, Twedt, Germany

About us

We are a construction company based in Twedt, Schleswig-Flensburg, Germany. We take care of our employees and offer benefits such as annual celebrations and involvement in innovations and desired changes. Our projects in the Süderbrarup community are among the most exciting ever - if you're looking for a challenging and rewarding career, this could be just the right fit for you!

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Key data

40 years
Employee Average Age
100 employees
1-2 years
Average project time
40 km
Average distance to construction projects in km

Our projects

  • Martinsburg Elementary School, Mayen-Hausen
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    26th Oct 2021

Our equipment, machines and tools

  • Kramer 1245 Telescopic Loader

    Kramer - 1245

    over 3 years ago
  • Terex TL100

    TL100 - Terex TL100

    over 6 years ago
  • Liebherr Mobile Excavator

    Liebherr - 918M EW

    over 7 years ago
  • Komatsu Bulldozer

    Komatsu - D 51PX-24

    over 4 years ago
  • VW T6 Double Cab

    Volkswagen - T6

    over 8 years ago

Employee benefits

Family and free time friendly working hours

Spend more time doing what you love outside of work. We believe in enjoying your time with family and friends without guilt.

Public works

Longer terms and structured contact with the clients. Execution according to the best safety regulations.

Private construction projects

Pleasant direct customer contact in a wide range of tasks. You work with different construction projects and always learn something new.

Specialized task area

Become even better in your special field! We give you tasks in your area so that you can gather even more professional knowledge.

Wide range of tasks

Work in the different areas of our company. This is the opportunity to learn about new topics that interest you.

Annual Celebrations

You can also spend time with your colleagues outside of work. We want everyone to feel part of the team here.

Family business

Be a supportive and close working environment. The boss is always available and coordinates with you at eye level.

Continuous education

We offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. Become certified in your desired areas.

Involvement in innovation

Your opinion will be taken into account in the acquisition of new construction machinery, tools and site solutions. Changes in the company are presented and your personal opinion is desired.

Preparation of your tax benefits

You have more money available after taxes. You don't have to worry about anything else, we take out all the obstacles to create tax savings for you.