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More than salary: 3 crucial factors for your job search.

Ruth Davis
Ruth Davis
Craft Expert
Published on 13th Feb 202411 min read

Job hunting can be difficult. There is a lot to consider if you want to make the right decision for yourself, one that will leave you satisfied and happy. Often, people only think about the salary when looking for new employers. But that's not everything. Salary and bonuses are just a small part of what you can get from a company. Additional benefits make up a significant portion - some of which can be bonuses in addition to salary.

If you are looking for a job, inquire about such additional benefits within the company. Also, consider what is important to you. Because many positions for craftsmen are currently available, you can take the time to think about your wishes and expectations.

These are 3 crucial factors that you should consider when choosing a job:

Financial benefits: Add to your salary

In addition to salary negotiations, other payments can be negotiated. For example, you can ask about:

  • Whether and how you can receive a bonus

  • Whether there are tax-free benefits

  • Whether there is support for childcare or other perks

  • Whether and which subsidy programs the company participates in, e.g. bike leasing

All of these benefits have nothing to do with the salary itself, but they can significantly improve your financial situation. Even if the company does not offer any of these benefits, they may consider solutions to convince you to accept the position.

Value your development

Depending on the size of the company, there are different opportunities for professional development. Larger companies often offer training programs. They usually also cover the costs of these courses, certificates, or licenses. This may also be the case in smaller companies. It is important to ask about these opportunities during the interview. How are further education courses handled? Who covers the costs? In case of doubt, you can reach a compromise with your future employer. The tasks you take on should not exactly reflect your previous career but should provide a new challenge. Often, facing challenges and learning from them is the best way to grow. If you can integrate them into your daily work, you have a great advantage for your track record.

Besides professional development, personal development is also crucial. Exchanging ideas with your colleagues, especially in the beginning, is important to get a sense of the new responsibilities and the team. As a new colleague, you should also express your opinion and contribute your experience. For example, express your opinion about certain tools and engage in technical discussions with your colleagues.

Community: It must be a personal fit

You spend the majority of your time at work. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable there and that the community offers you an advantage.

Inquire about the company's corporate and work culture during the interview. Find out what it looks like and how it is actively promoted. For example, you can ask if there are frequent events where you can get to know each other better and maybe even make friends. Or if it is common to spend time together outside of working hours, such as having an after-work drink. If you find out whether the management also participates in such celebrations, you can get a good impression of the company structure.

Use this information for your decision-making. If you are looking for a socially conscious employer and a trusting community is important to you, you will know if you fit into the company.


There are many other benefits that you can consider for your next job. But these are the three most important ones you should always start with. Also, listen to the other side: What do employees consider as the advantages of the company and what experiences have they had? All of this will help you find the job that is perfect for you.

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